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About is a network of unaffiliated, independently practicing therapeutic service providers who are sex-positive, affirmative, and have expertise related to issues faced by kink, poly, consensually non-monogamous, trans, gender non-conforming, and/or LGBQ individuals, as well as current or former adult industry workers. The listings website was created in 2014 by Dulcinea Pitagora, PhD, LCSW, CST to address the lack of openly affirmative support to the New York City communities they have been a part of and a mentor in for many years. In 2023, the network was expanded nationwide. The providers listed on believe that individuals with atypical identifications and lifestyles should have access to support without fear of being further stigmatized, or having to waste time, energy, and money educating providers on characteristics of or behaviors related to their preferences and identities. All MA providers are committed to being anti-racist and dismantling white supremacy, and agree to follow Community Guidelines and avoid any behavior that would exploit community members, supervisees, employees, and colleagues.

Please note that the providers on this site work independently; they are not affiliated with or employed by Dulcinea Pitagora (Dulcinea Pitagora LCSW PLLC)’s private practice, or by Manhattan Alternative (which is a website url, not an organization or company), and I don’t have access to additional information about them other than what’s listed on their profiles. If you have a question about a provider’s services, fees, insurance coverage, or anything else, please ask them directly using the email or phone number listed on their profile. If you have a general question about the website, please send an email to If you have a question for me about my practice specifically, please send an email to or (both are encrypted via protonmail).

Our mission: We are by community for community, and specialize in providing affirming support to BDSM/kink-, CNM/poly-, GNC/trans-, and/or LGB/queer/non-straight-identified people as well as current and former sex workers. We expand through community connections and ethical, non-exploitative practice. We vet providers for within-community references, online presence, and current credentials as applicable. We interact with providers and community in a way that’s empowering and affirming. We listen and are flexible.

Our vision: To maintain a collaborative and mutually empowering and supportive space, created by and for our intersecting community members; and continue expanding our network of mutually empowering support, with a focus on information sharing and referral exchanges, among providers identifying with and serving our intersecting communities.