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Yiyao Ding

Mental Health Therapist

Intentionally choosing what works for you in sex and intimate connections is empowering and freeing. Let’s explore that together! I am here to collaborate with you on constructing a space where you feel comfortable connecting with each other, discovering your strengths and resiliency, and, most importantly, being your genuine selves with no apology. Trained in EMDR, Ackerman Relational Approach, and many other evidence-based practices, I will bring in the knowledge and my lived experience as someone exploring beyond the norms for almost their entire life. You will bring in your expertise on your life and your commitment to healing. Together, we celebrate differences, courage, efforts, self-empowerment, and imperfection. We will both grow and thrive!

I am in-network with most NJ/NY student insurance plans and HealthFirst (including Medicaid managed by HealthFirst). Examples of student insurance plans include Wellfleet Student Plans, United Healthcare Student Plans, and Aetna Student Plans.

Yiyao Ding, LCSW (they/them/theirs)
[email protected]