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Rye Webber

Creative Coach
Trauma-Informed Creative Healing
MMT, Reiki 1

When we connect with our creative energy, we connect to our deepest truths. As a non-binary and queer, sober, anti-capitalist, anti-racist creative coach with a background in music psychotherapy, I help creatives discover and explore their authentic dreams while navigating the inevitable pain and challenges of life. I support artists navigating creative blocks that run deep - as well as creative people moving through issues with gender and sexuality, major transitions, sobriety, relationships, and/or desires as a human living within the confines of capitalism. My work is trauma-informed and holistic, meaning I view you as a human with many complex and intricate parts - rather than a person with a diagnosis that can be easily categorized.

Mx. Rye Webber, MMT (they/them/theirs)