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Laura A. Jacobs

Gender & Sexual Diversity

We can all live rewarding, empowered lives.

Lesbian, bisexual, gay, straight, trans, transgender, transsexual, nonbinary, genderqueer, gender nonconforming, detransitioner, queer, questioning, pansexual, asexual, kinky, BDSM, sex worker, vanilla, monogamous, single, polyamorous, even unicorn: we deserve happiness.

As someone trans and genderqueer-identified, kinky & nonmonogamous, I understand the horrific effects of stigma, discrimination, and trauma. I seek to establish a comfortable environment in which we can work together, safely asking questions and making empowered decisions about how to move forward, while simultaneously investigating questions of meaning.

I have 15+ years experience establishing an affirming environment for people of all sexualities and genders.

Laura A. Jacobs, LCSW-R
[email protected]