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Keanu M. Jackson

Psychotherapist/Sex Therapist
QTBIPOC/Poly/Kink/IFS/Black Folk

Keanu incorporates a warm and compassionate approach that makes room for a messy, confusing, & grounding process. He is an expert in his ability to challenge and care for those who he works with, offering those an opportunity to normalize and name their experiences in an open and authentic way. With the belief that everyone possesses the innate tools to successfully embark on their individual healing journey, Keanu encourages his clients to identify their feelings of urgency, and uses the therapeutic space as an opportunity for folks to take control of their narrative. Working with Keanu offers expansiveness, curiosity, and a fresh sense of autonomy, where his primary goal is to offer services that are rooted in the preservation and celebration of other queer Black and Brown folks.

Keanu M. Jackson, LCSW (he/him/his)