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Kareem Alexander Hewitt

Psychotherapist/Clinical Supervisor

I am a Black, Caribbean/Central American, Queer, Trans/non-binary/gender non-conforming, fat, neurodivergent and 1st generation american psychotherapist, social worker, dancer, and artist. I practice psychotherapy utilizing client-centered, trauma-informed and intersectional; LGBTQ+, kink/Poly+, and gender affirming; Black Queer feminist interventions.

I continue to use a pre-colonial and anti-oppressive framework. This not only addresses the impactful effects of slavery, colonization, and capitalism but also acknowledges feelings and how they show up in our bodies. I work with individuals, couples and groups. Feel free to reach out if this type of healing journey sounds right for you. Take care!

I am in-network with Aetna, BCBS, Oxford, Optum, and United Healthcare.

Kareem Alexander Hewitt, LCSW (they/she/he)
[email protected]