Jess Holt

Unlearning Perfectionism & Urgency

Are you a burned out perfectionist? Perhaps you’ve been struggling to break habitual patterns or make decisions that feel good, even if you know it would benefit you. I can support you in letting go of conditioned narratives and behaviors that are keeping you stuck. I am here to witness you and support you in the process of engaging in compassionate and honest self-reflection that will guide you towards connection to yourself, your community, and your purpose.

I utilize a person centered, identity affirming approach that is rooted in queer wisdom. All identities and relationship structures are welcome. As I get to know you I draw from modalities and tools that work for YOU. My style includes talk therapy, yoga therapy (somatic & spiritual), and tarot/astrology (mystical & reflective).

Jess Holt, LCSW (they/she)