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Jacob Z. Gross


For queer and trans people, navigating intimacy and seeking purpose in our lives can bring up the legacies of shame, estrangement, and trauma, and make us feel anxious, overwhelmed, lonely, or empty—especially in a time of increasing uncertainty and heightened injustice. But as queer people we’re also highly adaptive and resilient. In my practice, I help clients build on this strength so they can brave tough moments, heal, and find a greater sense of authenticity and self-trust.

In our work together, we’ll build trust with sensitivity and honesty, and you’ll start to feel more at home in yourself and empowered in your relationships with others. With compassion and curiosity, we’ll work through your anxiety and depression to discover experiences of meaning, connection, and fulfillment.

Jacob Z. Gross, LMHC (he/him/his)