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Isa I.

MHC Intern

I am a black, queer, non-binary mental health counseling intern, studying at TC, Columbia University. I have an extensive background in social justice education, and understanding how systems of oppression impact us. I came from this background to Counseling out of a desire to focus on how we heal from the harm of oppressive and traumatic experiences, not just the most overt, but also the subtle, everyday, and silent manifestations. I'm excited to work with LGBTQIAP+ folks, BIPOC, polyamorous and ENM folks, people who have experienced trauma, people who experience marginalization more broadly, and people who value social justice and critical consciousness, to navigate mental health, and healthy relationships of all kinds. If this interests you, I would love to schedule a consultation.

Mx. Isa I., MEd (they/them/theirs)