Cyndi Darnell

Sex & Relationship Therapist
MHSc, M.NT, GDip.Cou

Originally from Australia, I am a qualified clinical sexologist and counselor. I bring over 15 years experience to my NYC practice specializing in sexuality and relationship models that sit outside the mainstream, including non-monogamies, kink & sex worker communities, and other gender, sex & relationship diverse (GSRD) folk. My multi-disciplinary approach blends clinical training with a dynamic personality to offer a warm, nurturing and engaging therapeutic experience. I’m the creator of the Atlas of Erotic Anatomy & Arousal video series, published in the Journal of Sex & Relationship Therapy and the Journal of Sex Education and regularly appear in the media in Aus & USA including ‘LukeWarmSex’ on Netflix. I work with individuals, couples and beyond in NYC or via video online.
[email protected]