Candice Comisi

Mental Health Counseling/LGBTQ+
MHC Intern

I am an intern at Attune & Embody Psychotherapy, and in the 2nd year at the Mental Health Counseling program at Fordham University’s Graduate School of Education. I will graduate from this program in 2023 and will earn an M.S. Ed. Candice has 20+ years of organizing experience within the LGBTQIA+ community and in antiracist spaces. My experience in the nonprofit field has afforded me a strong working knowledge of local resources. I take a psychodynamic and person-centered approach, and integrate feminist and multicultural values in my counseling. I have a welcoming and nonjudgmental vibe, and have competency in working with issues related to polyamory/polyfidelity/consensual non-monogamy; with the parents and partners of transgender people; and uphold the values of sex positivity and Health-at-Any-Size. I will be running two support groups, as well as providing psychotherapy for adults and adolescents under the direct supervision of Karalyn Violeta, LCSW.