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Cameron Eshgh


It's time to come home to yourself. My name's Cameron, a queer Iranian-American therapist. I create a warm, inviting, and light environment. where you feel heard, held, and seen. so you can do the difficult work of re-becoming your whole self. I use an integrative approach involving mind, emotion, body, and spirit to create a tailored experience for each person. Whether you're working through complex trauma, your gender or sexual identity, non-monogamy, religious trauma, or myriad other situations, I'm here with you through it all.

Whether you're looking for individual or couples therapy, or therapy as a younger therapist, now's the time. Let's see together just how much peace, love, freedom, and liberation you can experience at last.

Mx. Cameron Eshgh, LMHC, LMSW, NCC (they/them/theirs)