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Brian Ackerman

Individual & Couples Therapist

As your therapist, I join you in taking a step back from the day-to-day “being” of your life to understand how you’ve been shaped and to develop the insights and skills to live the life you want. You are a whole person – with a family, a social life, professional responsibilities and goals, sexual desires, physical needs, a spiritual perspective, and multiple intersecting identities. I aim to hear from all these parts of you – in all their beautiful messiness – in a nonjudgmental, compassionate space that we co-create for you to grow and thrive. We start where you are and work from there, incorporating the impact of macro social structures on your wellbeing, finding meaning in your experiences, experimenting with behavior, and trying on new ways of seeing yourself, with humor and creativity. I submit reimbursement superbills directly to clients' insurance companies for reimbursement with out-of-network benefits.