Summer Personal Training Specials Are Here!

Personal training by Nickey Douglass

Here’s what to do:
1) Contact Nickey Douglass via IG @NickeyStayFit or [email protected]
2) Mention
3) Pick your summer special!

  • a deal on 12-pack training sessions, incorporating functional training, body sculpting, weight lifting, or a mix of all 3
  • a special rate for ongoing personal training customized to fit your health and fitness goals

Nickey Douglass is a certified personal trainer with over a decade of experience training bodies of all shapes and sizes in the LGBTQ community. Nickey creates customized fitness and nutrition plans to achieve your goals, whether that’s increased health, strength, and endurance; and/or masculinizing, feminizing, androgynizing, or otherwise transforming and modifying your body to better match your identity.

Read more about Nickey’s training practice here:

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