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Privacy Protocol

The following are the steps I have taken to help ensure the information included in the Provider Application Form is kept confidential:

1) Email handling and response time. Due to the increased influx of listing submissions, emails to may experience a delay in response. If something is time sensitive, please email me directly at

2) Listings processing time. There is no guarantee for publication or timing of listings. Once your listing is published, your listing application form is deleted so none of the personal information you submitted is saved. If your listing is not published, your listing application form will be deleted so none of the personal information you submitted is saved.

3) Reference confirmation. When confirming references and supervisors, we will forward the listing submission form, deleting all information below the provider’s title: Forwarded emails will only include the name, degrees/licenses/certifications, New York licensure status, supervisor’s name if any, and title. The specialization/2nd title and everything below it will be deleted before forwarding.

4) Website data retention. On the Listing Application and Update forms, personal data settings are set to first email me the entries, then to “Delete entries permanently automatically after 60 days” (to allow time to confirm references and access photos), and to “Prevent the storage of IP addresses during form submission.” Entries are deleted permanently as soon as they’re addressed, usually much sooner than 60 days.

5) Email data retention. I delete listing submissions immediately and permanently after screening and/or publishing profiles.

If you have any concerns or need clarification on any of the above, please send an email to me at either or and I’ll respond as soon as possible. If you need a more immediate response, please call 917-675-3446 and leave a message, and I’ll return your call or email within 24 hours.