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Zoe Boggs

Couples Counseling/Sex Therapy
MA/MHC Candidate

I’m currently a therapist-in-training at CUNY City College. I am passionate about working with queer clients, couples/polycules, and those who’ve experienced sexual trauma.

You are the expert in your own experience, but I’m here to offer warm acceptance and support, along with strategies to help you clarify what you want and how to get there. My approach is integrative, incorporating person-centered, intersectional feminist, and emotionally-focused therapies.

As a queer and non-monogamous counselor, I am committed to being LGBTQ+ affirming, multiculturally-competent, trauma-informed, and kink- and sex work-positive. I see therapy not as a solution to something “wrong” with you, but as a tool to help work towards the life you want and cope with difficulties thrown at us by systemic oppression.

Zoe Boggs, MA Candidate (she/her/hers)