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Xavier Patschke


I am a white trans-masc nonbinary pan/bisexual person that has been involved in the polyamorous & Kink/BDSM communities for 5+ years. I am a licensed therapist that works with individuals, couples, and multiple partner relationships/dynamics. I am dedicated to working with you through the daily life stressors and ongoing mental health struggles to co-create a more manageable state for you. I also acknowledge power dynamics and privileges embedded in systems and relationships that can affect our mental health. I specialize and have trained to work with those wanting to explore gender identities, sexuality, ace identity, dysphoria, polyamory/non-monogomy, kink/BDSM/fetish, SW, queer identities, exploration and/or issues around sex, shame, depression, anxiety, trauma, OCD, Autism, ADHD.

Xavier Patschke, LMSW (they/he)