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Teresa Thompson

Relationships/ACT/Relig. Trauma

Do you ever feel trapped in your family’s dynamics, or find yourself repeating the same patterns in relationships over and over again? Or do you feel lonely, lost, or unfulfilled despite the good things and great people around you? Therapy can help you heal and grow – I am a compassionate, experienced therapist ready to assist in guiding you to the self-introspection you need to understand how this is possible.

I have worked with clients of a variety of ages, cultural backgrounds, genders, and sexualities – and I am particularly attuned to challenges that Caribbean diaspora clients, clients with experiences of mania or psychosis/altered states, clients with chronic illnesses, and clients from religious backgrounds often bring to therapy.

Let’s learn how you can open up more space in your life for self-actualization and delight. I encourage you to email me to schedule a complimentary initial phone consultation, and we can chat about what support I can offer you in my practice.

Teresa Thompson, LCSW (she/her/hers)