Tarynn Dier


My approach to therapy is collaborative and established in openness, trust, honesty and humor. I believe that our work is rooted in the relationship we build together and should build upon your strengths and uniqueness. It is a privilege for me to be invited to work with my clients as they go through challenges and transitions. I am very passionate about being able to provide a safe, non-judgmental and compassionate space where you can feel supported and understood. My aim is to help you feel empowered, live freely and authentically, thrive in your relationships with yourself and others, experience healing and change and uncover your purpose in life. I use evidence based therapeutic practices to deliver a service that is both meaningful and specific to your personal needs and goals. Healing can be uncomfortable and challenging, and my hope is to co-create a space where you can begin to create meaningful and lasting change. Transforming minds, healing hearts, finding balance.