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Taoru Huang


As an Asian queer therapist, I am aware of the limitations of contemporary psychotherapy due to its Eurocentric, heteronormative, and pathological foundation. Therefore, I incorporate multicultural and queer theories into my practice, and I strive to create a judgment-free, gender-expansive, sex-positive, poly-affirming, and kink-friendly environment for my clients. With my cross-cultural background and intersecting identities, I was able to see how difficult it could be for marginalized individuals to get help because of the uniqueness of our lived experience. I have witnessed the incredible power of telling one’s own story, and I am here to hold space for you to express, explore, and embrace yourself. Feel free to email me so I can be part of your journey of healing and growing.

I'm in-network with Healthfirst (including Medicaid plans), Wellfleet Sudent Plans, United Healthcare Student Plans, and Aetna Student Plans.

Taoru Huang, MHC-LP (he/him/his)