Sonal Govila

LGBTQ+, BIPOC, Neurodivergence
EdM + MA Candidate

We often find ourselves navigating life in a state overwhelm, which prevents us from being present for ourselves. I aim to work with my clients to unearth the power, joy, and resilience that allows us to experience life more intentionally and intuitively. This is done while navigating the world we live in, which often places demands on us that are at odds with what we would wish for ourselves, whether that be due to capitalism, ableism, cissexism, white supremacy, or other oppressive structures. I am particularly interested in working with folk who are navigating relational conflict, various traumas (including childhood, intergenerational, sexual, racial etc), identity exploration (including gender, sexuality, neurodivergence), grief, depression/anxiety/manic episodes, and other stressors.
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