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Shavon Gaddy-Dalrymple

Queer Affirming/ASD/ED/ID

I provide strength-based psychotherapy (group and individual) using treatment modalities such as CBT, Art Therapy, Narrative Therapy, and Structural Couple/Family Therapy to those outside and within the LGBTQ/QI 2-S+ spectrum, GNC/Non-Binary, and BDSM/Kink community. I have extensive experience working with individuals who have been diagnosed as Differently-Abled/Special Needs/ASD/Neuroatypical or with an Intellectual and Emotional Disability. I also provide a safe therapeutic treatment space for those who need to vent and heal from racial and ethnic injustice, anti-blackness, the generational effects of colonization, perceived white supremacy, anti-fatness/ fat-phobia, toxic masculinity, cis-heteronormativity, and the patriarchy. I am a Gottman 7 Principles of Making Marriage Work Leader/Trainer.

Ms. Shavon Gaddy-Dalrymple, LCSW (she/her/hers)