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Rousz DeLuca


Self-compassion is a great buzzword, but it's easier said than done. Sometimes you have to avoid or fight feelings and parts of yourself. Maybe you feel overwhelmed, worn out or conflicted. Maybe you are not satisfied with your core relationships. This could be because parts of you are stuck in past experiences and those parts are using the tools they have (like avoidance, self-criticism, anxiety...) to protect you from more pain, even though these tools don't always serve you now. Together, we can welcome and get to know each part of you slowly and safely, and introduce new tools for coping and making change. I will support you in understanding your gut feelings, offering yourself kindness, and loosening the past's hold so that you can act according to your current needs and values.

Mx. Rousz DeLuca, LMSW, MFA (they/them/theirs)