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Regina Wu 伍嘉嫣

Psychotherapist/Social Worker

Hello! Living in a world that tells you over and over again that something is “wrong” with you can lead to pain, grief, and an unfulfilling life. My therapeutic approach is trauma-informed, person-centered, and rooted in liberation and anti-oppression frameworks. As a proud queer, trans and nonbinary Chinese American, I am committed to the lifelong work of abolition and collective care in the field of mental health and beyond.

I specialize in supporting young adults navigating high school and college transitions, cross-cultural diasporic struggles (hello fellow children of immigrants!), LGBTQIA+ issues, with a focus on transgender communities and gender-affirming care.

It would be my privilege to build a collaborative space with you where we discover together what affirms you.

Mx. Regina Wu 伍嘉嫣, LMSW (they/them/ta/x也/佢)