Owen Muir

Medication Management

Owen Muir is a psychiatrist and an advocate for his patients and their recovery. His goal is to enable full, rich lives, and he takes a collaborative approach to discover what is hampering his clients’ satisfaction (e.g. stress, side effects, work life balance, relationship, sexual problems, or symptoms of psychiatric illness). Dr. Muir’s areas of speciality include mood disorders like depression and bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, PTSD, substance use disorders, personality disorders like borderline personality disorder, and attentional disorders like ADHD, and integrates medication management with psychotherapeutic approaches such as mentalization-based treatment and interpersonal social rhythms therapy. Dr. Muir has a policy of being open to patients of all sexual, gender, and lifestyle orientations and identities, and asserts that no one need feel stigma in his office for any reason, including identity, diagnosis, race, or otherwise.

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