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Nisreen Osseili

Life Transitions/LGBTQIA+

I believe we long to be ourselves in a society that socializes us to feel and internalize inadequacy. We often find ourselves recreating patterns as a means to cope. Perhaps you have done some self-reflection and are seeking a deeper understanding or have not yet had the opportunity to explore and bring these patterns into awareness at all. In joining with you wherever you may be, I aim to help you strengthen your emotional awareness and develop a greater sense of introspection. Through our work together, I will support you on your journey back to your authentic self. My goal is to empower you with the self-confidence and self-compassion to live a life that serves the most inherent version of you. I invite you to reach out if you are interested in working together. Forming a QTBIPOC group. Fee: $225 for individual; private pay/out of network, we help patients maximize their reimbursements.