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Nina Sultan

Art Therapist/LGBTQIA+

You've noticed a change or rather a pattern. You're not sure what it is but you know that something feels like it's missing from your life. You're stuck in the same routines, habits, behaviors, and feelings. In a world that demands so much juggling of chores and responsibilities, your feelings of joy seemed to have gotten lost. Good news, art psychotherapy (aka art therapy) can help! You do not need to have any creative skills to benefit from art psychotherapy. Art therapy is a unique approach for unearthing parts of us that have been lost, promoting playfulness, bringing clarity, and rediscovering strengths.I believe that when we are deeply listened to with empathy, compassion, and curiosity, it gives us the confidence and safety we need to change and make new choices.

Mx. Nina Sultan, ATR-BC, LCAT (they/them/theirs)