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Nikita Fernandes

Psychotherapist/Sex Therapist

Nikita's multifaceted identity as a South Asian, queer, poly, kinky Indian woman significantly influences her therapy practice. Her deep grasp of Sexual and Gender Minority & Feminist theory enables her to provide culturally sensitive, poly & kink-friendly, neurodivergent, and gender-affirming support. In her approach, Nikita prioritizes fostering self-compassion in the face of systemic oppression, rather than just numbing pain. Rooted in evidence-based techniques, her methods acknowledge the impact of trauma and embrace diverse cultural perspectives. Nikita hopes to cultivate a secure environment, allowing clients to rehearse for life outside therapy. In her free time, Nikita creates wellness programs for a Non-Monogamous organization and helps organize community gatherings.

Nikita Fernandes, MHC-LP (she/her/hers)