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Nicole Sanchez

Complex Trauma/EMDR/LGBTQ+

I specialize in guiding LGBTQ+ individuals to overcome complex trauma using EMDR therapy. They often feel like they are a burden, incompetent or often find themselves ruminating over worst case scenarios. They seek therapy when they realize that they are ready to stop spiraling and begin experiencing a sense of grounding and connection. Their desire to feel confident, secure and live authentically outweighs the fear to work through their pain. As a relational therapist specializing in trauma, I believe in laying the groundwork for your healing journey by fostering a secure and trusting connection between us. Here, you'll find a safe haven where your thoughts, feelings, and aspirations are seen and heard. Please visit my site to learn more about how we can collaborate to achieve your goals.

Nicole Sanchez, LCSW (she/her/ella)