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Nyx Spirit Melody


I am a queer and non-binary NYS licensed psychotherapist with experience including but not limited to: trauma/abuse, racial/gender/sexual identity exploration, anxiety, depression, substance use, acculturation, and dismantling internalized inferiority and/or superiority. Listening, validation, curiosity, challenging, and accountability are important features of my approach to my work. Therapy for too long has been a space that perpetuates the harmful ideologies in psychology that are rooted in whiteness, capitalism, and dehumanization. Therefore, I draw upon queer, intersectional feminist, humanistic, multicultural, trauma-informed, decolonized, and anti-oppressive theories to foster an egalitarian and collaborative relationship. In therapy, I utilize tailored approaches that meet my clients needs and goals, which continue to adapt throughout the process. Through consultation, I amplify the messages and teachings of Queer, TGNC, & BIPOC to create affirming practices/policies. As a supervisor, I assist clinicians with developing culturally responsive approaches to therapy.

Mx. Nyx Spirit Melody, LMHC, MA, EdM (they/them/theirs and fae/faer/faers)