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Mike Reisner

Lic. Mental Health Counselor
C-PTSD/Young Adult/Esoteric

I'm a licensed mental health counselor in New York State, who specializes in supporting the mental health of people for whom dominant culture is not a good fit.

Over the years, the mainstay of my clients identify as: LGBTQIAA+, on the autism spectrum / otherwise neuro-divergent, BIPOC, having medical needs or are differently physicially-abled, or as having intellectual / developmental / learning disabilities, having esoteric / magick / minority religious practitioners (and many times, some combination of the above).

I focus on people working through C-PTSD, those who are part of minority sexual communities (Queer, Kinky, Non-Monogamous, etc.), and those who are college-age and transitioning to the next part of their life.

Mx. Mike Reisner, LMHC (he/any pronouns)