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Maya McKenzie

Queer/Fat Liberation/Trauma/Poly

I believe everyone is looking to increase their joy and decrease their suffering, and therapy can be valuable in working towards these goals. We will identify patterns in your life that used to keep you safe, but no longer do, and create new ways of approaching the challenges you may face. I see myself as a strong ally for my clients who can hold space for difficult and complex feelings, but also be present with you in that space. My hope is that you will feel like I am in the passenger seat next to you on your journey of growth. I am focused on supporting LGBTQ+ people, polyamorous/ENM people, and other marginalized communities in their journey to increase their joy. Fat liberation is embedded in my practice, and I strive to remove anti-fat bias from the therapeutic relationship.

Maya McKenzie, LCSW (she/her/hers)