Max Schneider

Counselor & Consultant
TGNC, Kink, Disability, ND, SW+

A meaningful and healing therapeutic relationship is one of collaboration, that recognizes the power dynamics in the room and that centers the client’s autonomy and personal power. As a student and member of the Mad Pride Movement, Ex-Patient’s Movement, schools of abolitionism, and the neurodiversity movement, I believe that individual and collective healing are deeply connected to liberation, mutual support, creativity, localized care, and authentic relationships. I see therapy as a means of active resistance through locating and identifying an authentic sense of self within the context of a safe and supportive relationship, as well as an opportunity to build and strengthen interpersonal and coping skills, and locate resources to help us continue to live in alignment with our values. I accept BCBS, can assist with OON payments, and take out of pocket payments.