Matthew J Danis


LCSW working with a range of age groups and therapeutic needs. I chose social work because of its holistic approach considering the whole person: body, mind, and environmental systems lived when providing psychotherapy. I specialize in working with those needing help with the following (but not limited to): PTSD/Trauma, Sexuality, Kink and Sex, LGBTQQ (IA+) Experiences, Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Depression, Panic Attacks, Identity, Grief, Aging, Anger, Addiction, Attachment, and Interpersonal. Therapy with me is collaborative and non-judgmental using EMDR and Psychodynamic relational work (talk therapy) which support development of secure attachment behaviors, healing and desensitization of past traumas/PTSD, and development of a deeper connection to internal self worth.

Matthew J. Danis, LCSW (he/him/his)