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Mia Becker


I’m a queer, nonbinary, femme, white/Latinx therapist. I work with individuals and those in partnerships, as well as, alternative/non-traditional relationship models.

My background includes serving as a crisis counselor in a Brooklyn emergency department providing support to survivors of sexual assault and intimate partner violence and running group therapy for prisoners detained on Rikers Island.

I endeavor to hold space compassionately, empathically, and to be present however clients need, non–judgmentally seeing and positively affirming their strengths and struggles.

Our world is rife with racism, transphobia, homophobia, fatphobia, and misogyny. The shame and rejection we experience can become ever-present. I see sex and pleasure as empowering ways to heal. My hope is to bring you closer to fully loving and radically accepting yourself.

Mia Becker, LMSW (they/she)