Mal Johnson

Pyschotherapist / Consultant
Teens/TGNC+/Freak Affirming

Through my decade as a social worker I realized most peoples’ struggles stem from the societal expectations of our white supremacist, patriarchal, gender binary, capitalist society. I enjoy partnering with individuals, ages 15-35, who often feel like they are a freak, outcast or underdog and just don’t fit into our current world. In my partnership with you, we’ll find the strengths you already have and make them stronger, as well as working to challenge the negative thoughts and expectations from our families, communities and larger society. It is my goal to help you proudly be who you are and love your lifestyle without shame. I welcome TGNC+ people of all ages to partner with me. I also partner with families who reject their LBG+ and/or TGNC+ child but want to support them.
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