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Lowell VanBiene

ENM/Couple/Fat Lib/Disability

As a queer, Black, disabled & neurodivergent, non-binary femme, the lack of diversity among clinical therapists was a major inspiration in my decision to enter the field of social work. My life experiences holding intersectional marginalized identities & privileges has given me a unique perspective that I bring to serving members of LGBTQ+, disabled, sex work, kinky, ENM & polyamorous communities who have had limited access to affirming & nonjudgmental mental health services. I approach therapy as a team effort grounded in trauma-informed, anti-racist, body positive, sex & kink positive, and feminist ideals. My therapy practice, while primarily based in Relational Therapy, is eclectic, borrowing from multiple modalities in order to find the best approach for each client/couple/polycule.

Lowell VanBiene, LMSW (they/he)