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Lieb Swartz-Brownstein

Indiv./Group Psychotherapist
Eating Disorders/GNC+/Trauma

There are a number of credentials I could share about myself and ways you might decide if I'm the right therapist for you, but honestly, between you and me, what matters is that I love this work and I believe in this work. I feel deeply humbled to hold people's stories and hearts for a living. The trust that this work requires is no small thing, and I never take that lightly. Finding the right therapist is a process: trust yourself, explore, and ask hard questions. We work for you. I am a white, queer, abolitionist, non-binary, dyslexic, Jewish, body-liberatory therapist, and most importantly, a client. The only thing I ask of the folks I work with is a commitment to show up, and the rest we will figure out together.

Mx. Lieb Swartz-Brownstein, LICSW (they/them/theirs)