Kobi Bordoley

Clinical Intern, MA Candidate

I’m a fundamentally curious practitioner. Some of my interests include non-monogamy/kink, narratives about sex(uality), existentialism, assimilation/identity, and Jewish topics. As a cancer survivor living with the auto-immune disease MS (multiple sclerosis), I am attuned to the frustrations of living in an ableist, healthcare scarce world. I believe that successful therapy must be non-judgmental, affirming, and flexible yet challenging. I use an eclectic approach, drawing from narrative therapy, IFS, CBT, psychodynamics, gestalt/mindfulness, and more. I’m hopeful that together we can heal old wounds, experiment joyously, reconnect with aspects of yourself you’ve lost, or meet new, exciting goals. I truly believe in the liberatory power of therapy.

I offer a sliding scale for services.