Kevin Creamer

LGBTQIA/GSM Affirmative

I am a therapist with advanced training in relational therapy and psychoanalysis. As a member of the community, I provide LGBTQ+ affirmative therapy promoting acceptance, trust and comfort. My goal is to help you develop a deeper connection to yourself and what you want from life. So much can stand in our way – from an oppressive society to people who have put us down. Your therapy will focus on our working together so you develop your own story that is authentic to you; making you feel more equipped to handle whatever you’re struggling with. I believe that even when we are at our most vulnerable, we have the capacity for strength, resiliency and progress. I care deeply about those I work with. Sitting with someone in their time of need, walking through their deepest memories, and helping them find their own personal answers, is powerful and sacred.
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