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Kelsea Verdi


Implementing an intersectional feminist & decolonizing framework is at the core of my practice. I am particularly passionate about working within the 2SLGBTQIA+ & TNBGNC community, with those who have experienced gender-based violence and/or sexual trauma, and with couples & polycules while using Kink/ENM/Sex-work affirming beliefs.

While I began my career primarily through a psychodynamic approach, I’m a massive believer that our bodies hold incredible knowledge. In addition to the traditional talk therapy style, a focus on toning the nervous system through body movement, breath work, tapping exercises, and other somatic activities can expand the healing experience. IFS, polyvagal theory, sensate focus are some of my favorite modalities to pull from.

Kelsea Verdi, LMSW (they/she)
[email protected]