Kamaria Hodge

Pre-Licensed MHC

Hello there! My name is Kamaria I am a black, queer New York-based psychotherapist offering in person & virtual individual and couples as well as multi-partner relationships.

My practice centers around providing a space for highly sensitive, BIPOC (Black Indigenous People of Color), LGBTQAI and non-binary folks, to attain healing, cope with conflict, manage tough emotions and make your happy place a space that exists in your reality and not just in your subconsciousness.

As a highly-sensitive, black, queer, and US Army Veteran therapist, I have a deep understanding of the challenges that may arise from navigating a multi-dimensional, intersectional and diverse life.

As we work together we will focus on building self-compassion, self-acceptance, and emotional awareness.

Kamaria Hodge, MHC (she/her/hers)