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Julissa Llosa


Julissa Llosa Vite (LCSW, MEd) is a licensed clinical social worker, teacher and artist working in NYC. Julissa grew up in Callao, Peru, where she learned the power of ancestral healing from her family. She studied Studio Art and Gender Studies at Dartmouth College, as well as Childhood Education and Clinical Social Work at Hunter College. Julissa is a Master level Reiki practitioner and a certified Hypnotherapist with the Wellness Institute. She has apprenticed under Irma StartSpirit, learning indigenous Medicine and continues to study Two-Eyed-Seeing: merging indigenous and western healing modalities with the Coyote Institute. Julissa is a founding teacher at Harvest Collegiate High School, a public school in Manhattan where she teaches art therapy and leads professional development.

Ms. Julissa Llosa, LCSW (she/they)