Jules Sonntag

Licensed Acupuncturist
Sliding Scale Fees

Jules Sonntag holds a Master of Acupuncture, is nationally certified by the NCCAOM, and was trained in Chinese Medicine at the nationally esteemed Pacific College of Oriental Medicine-NY. Her practice employs a combination of traditions and treatment modalities for treating acute and chronic pain conditions (e.g., headaches, back pain), reproductive and sexual health, stress/anxiety, depression, panic disorders, eating disorders, obsessive thought or behavior problems, and many other psycho-emotional conditions. Jules believes acupuncture is amazing medicine that should be both affordable and readily accessible. Her private practice offers comprehensive, non-judgmental and compassionate care at Brooklyn Open Acupuncture in Fort Green (sliding scale, $20 to $50) and Slope Wellness in Park Slope (accepts insurance, offers community acupuncture at $45 per treatment). 

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