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Jo Trigg

Couples/Family Therapy

I am a transmasculine identified couples and family therapist. I have extensive experience in couples and family therapy. I trained at Ackerman Institute for the Family in 2020 and received my Master’s Degree in Social Work in 2013. I also hold a certificate in providing LGBTQIA+ affirming family therapy that I earned in 2017. Between 2013 and 2018, I was a family therapist and ran a family therapy program within the child welfare system.

I believe that therapy should be used to help you to practice new skills. Therapy should be collaborative and solution-focused; I can help you change maladaptive relational patterns, and together, we can end these cycles. I understand that modern stressors, such as marginalized identities, may impact relational stressors.

Jo Trigg, LCSW (they/them/theirs)