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Jesse Kahn

Psychotherapist, Sex Therapist

Taking the steps to reach out and start therapy takes courage, which has the potential to transform your life. I believe therapy is a profoundly unique space where you have the opportunity to connect, feel deeply listened to and understood, challenged, and have another human show up for you emotionally and empathically.

In our work together, you can expect curiosity, compassion, and connection-making. We will aim to deepen your understanding of yourself and your strengths, learn to listen and trust your intuition, and connect to and listen to all parts of yourself. We will work to identify, unpack and unlearn belief systems and narratives that thrive in your life, increase self-compassion and self knowledge, and move towards self-actualizing and sustaining your goals.

Mx. Jesse Kahn, LCSW-R, CST (they/he)