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Holly Ledbetter

Licensed Massage Therapist
Chron. Pain/Post-Op/MLD/Prenatal

I am a trans Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist based in Brooklyn, NY. In my practice, True Bearing Bodywork, I specialize in working with clients who want to feel more at ease through discomfort or change - trans folks, prenatal, chronic pain, end of life.

I use techniques including Swedish, Thai, Tui Na, Reiki, breathwork, and yoga. I also practice Manual Lymphatic Drainage, great for pre and post-op swelling and pain. My gender-affirming work is based in a well-informed practice of not making assumptions. My 20+ years as a dancer, as well as my history with chronic pain, informs my knowledge of shifting bodies—how they move and how they heal.

Holly Ledbetter, LMT, CMLDT (they/them/theirs)