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Hana van der Kolk

IFS/Somatic Coach
PhD, Level 1 IFS

I am a queer, gender fluid Internal Family Systems and somatic coach, a dancer, artist, and organizer of community events, and a former sex worker. I completed my level 1 IFS training in 2015 and have been working with individuals using IFS since, as well as incorporating the model into my work with groups. I have studied Buddhist thought and practiced meditation (primarily in the Thai Forest and Burmese lineages) since 2001, trained in Bondassage and Urban Tantra and worked as a sensual pro domme for 5 years, and have an extensive background in dance and somatic practices, including Body Mind Centering, Authentic Movement, Alexander Technique, Body Weather Laboratory work, Contact Improvisation, mindful movement, Yoga, and more.

Dr. Hana van der Kolk (any pronouns)