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Geri Weitzman

Polyamory/Kink/Surgery Letters

I have been pleased to offer polyamory-aware, kink/bdsm-aware, and LGBTQIA+ aware psychotherapy for over two decades. I wrote some of the earliest articles about doing therapy with clients who are polyamorous.

It has also been my pleasure to see many transgender and non-binary clients through their transition journeys, and to write gender affirming surgery letters.

Other specialties include relationship counseling, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, anger management, codependency, and emotional abuse survivor issues. I welcome clients from a variety of other subcultures, including sex worker, furry, hiv/poz, pagan, goth, geek, etc.

I have lived experience in the polyamory, kink/bdsm, and bisexual/pansexual communities. I also identify as cisgender female and Jewish. In-network with Lyra.

Dr. Geri Weitzman (she/her/hers)