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Gabriela Tilevitz

Psychotherapist & Sex Therapist

I specialize in working with individuals and couples struggling with issues related to sex and sexuality, and my work is rooted in helping clients feel okay with the complexities of being human. I believe that everyone deserves a safe space to explore their identity; gender, sexual, spiritual, or otherwise, regardless of what community you come from. I am a somatically based trauma informed practitioner; I use modalities that address both the mind and body to help you develop a more integrated sense of self. My style can be described as warm, but direct; I offer a compassionate and empathetic ear, but I also create a balance between encouraging you to go deep and meeting you where you're at. No matter which route we take, I want to work with you to change course towards a path of relief.

Gabriela Tilevitz, LCSW, CST, SIFI